Every Thursday we host our own ‘Wine Night at our own XO Bar in the Former French Concession, where you can sample our unique range of wines, hang out with your fellow Shanghai wine lovers and snack on delicious freshly made canapés.

RMB 150 for BottlesXO community members (signup available on site). 

Spaces are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot! Click here to RSVP.

When: Every Thursday, 19:00 – 21:00
XO, 237 Hengshan Lu, near Yongjia Lu, Xuhui, Shanghai

Read on to find out about what we’ll be serving!

Villa Marcello Prosecco (¥175)

Forget the simple party fuel: this is the classy stuff (it’ll still fuel a great party though). It’s the first vintage prosecco produced by Giovanni Mazzei, a son of one of Italy’s oldest and most respected families, and it’s made with grapes grown on his own mother Alessandra Marcello’s 57-hectare estate.

NorteSur Chardonnay (¥120)

An organic Chardonnay with exotic scents of pineapple and full flavoured freshness and acidity on the palate. This is a Spanish white wine made with Chardonnay grapes grown without a trace of the pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers on the soil that are present in mass-produced bottles. 100% organic, created by a winery that’s 100% dedicated to the principles of organic and biodynamic winemaking.

Heinz Schmitt Erben Riesling (¥145)

Always thought Rieslings were way to sweet? Think again. This extra-dry version of Germany’s finest wine export has plenty of sly sugary notes – think candied fruit and caramel – but its crisp and fresh enough to satisfy any lover of a serious bottle of white.

Kurt Angerer Kies Grüner Veltliner (¥130)

Grüner Veltliner is Austria’s most famous and most planted grape: think of it as kind of like Chardonnays northern cousin. You couldn’t ask for a better introduction to than this particular wine. The 2012 vintage got a mark of 88 from Robert Parker and a 91 at Wine Enthusiast. Those are big numbers.

Frank & Serafico Fermentino Di Macchia (¥160)

ThThis bottle is a project of Sebastiano Pompa, one of BottlesXO’s head oenologist, whose experience as General Manager of Fattoria Le Pupille inspired him in 2012 to start making his own wines.  Grown in vineyards characterized by sharp contrast between night (super cold) and day (nice and toasty). All grapes are harvested by hand, and thought is put in to every detail. Seriously, every detail, down to the wood used to support the vines.

Marrenon Classique Luberon Rosé (¥105)

A luminous pink rosé with subtle flavors and aromas of grapefruit, rose and cherry morello. Vivid, fresh and balanced.The southernmost of the ‘satellite’ appellations of the Rhône valley, Luberon’s wines are influenced by its closeness to the Mediterranean. This imparts a hot, sunny climate and gives its wines a distinctive depth and boldness – it is also what makes the region one of France’s most breathtakingly diverse when it comes to plants and wildlife.

Poggio Civetta Chianti (¥95)

The Rossettis, the family behind Poggio Civetta, produces this particular Chianti, a clan in which winemaking runs so deep that the family grandmother (let’s call her “Mama Rossetti”) is still involved in the day-to-day production! You know what is? That’s passion.

Herencia Altés Garnatxa Negra (¥115)

What makes this Garnatxa so special? Maybe it’s the hand-harvested grapes. Maybe it’s the love of her hometown that winemaker Nuria Altés puts into every bottle. Perhaps it’s scores of 90 from the guys Robert Parker and Stephen Tanzer. Or maybe it’s simply that this smooth, fruit-forward bottle tastes so, so good.

Terra Mazzei (¥160)

You won’t find many wineries with more history than Mazzei. Think we’re exaggerating? Lapo Mazzei (1350 – 1412) is considered the father of the name Chianti. Still not impressed? How about this: Filipo Mazzei (1730 – 1816) was invited to the U.S. by future president Thomas Jefferson to plant a vineyard on his estate. While there, he’s said to have inspired the famous clause in the Constitution that “All men are created equal.”

2012 Hauts Conseillants Lalande de Pomerol (¥295)

The Château Hauts Conseillants estate goes back to 1973, where it has been in the hands of the Figeac-Bourotte family ever since. Jean-Baptiste, the current head of the winery, was born that very same year. Among their many credentials, they have another heavy-duty arrow in their bow in their consultant winemaker Michel Rolland. That’s a big name: he’s one of the most influential wine experts in the world.